#MAkeTime Video

Under the guise of a marketing focus group we invited people to meet with us. We then let the cameras roll and asked them about the demands on their time, what they feel forced to sacrifice, what would make life more fulfilling. During the in camera interviews we asked them how much time they spend on social media, watching TV, online games, etc. And, in the background we were adding those numbers up.

Toward the end of each interview we served up those very real numbers. The shocking realization that they’re wasting considerable amounts of time that could be spent more meaningfully was palpable. After each realization, we brought in a surprise guest—a friend or family member they haven’t had time to connect with lately.

The goal of this initiative is to shine a light on the decisions we make about how we spend our time, and how that matches up with what we truly value in life.

Wente Vineyards Launches MakeTime™

On June 26th, 2018, Wente Vineyards, the country’s oldest, continuously-operated family-owned winery, announced the launch of Make Time™, an initiative aimed to inspire people to unplug, create their own #MakeTime moments and focus on what matters most – each other.

“Time is precious and must be lived with purpose. To make the most of it, sometimes it means choosing to say no to distractions and yes to prioritizing each other,” Wente Vineyards Fourth Generation Winegrower and Chief Executive Officer Carolyn Wente said. “We acknowledge that digital devices are now threaded into the fabric of our lives, but we sometimes need to be reminded of what connects us all as people, and that’s real life human interactions. For generations, our family has lived by this mantra of creating meaningful connections with others over a glass of wine.”

Wente Vineyards’ passion for bringing people together includes delivering unique experiences for all to enjoy. In addition to being able to delight in private wine tasting experiences and interactive educational classes on property, guests can enjoy award-winning fine dining, world-renowned entertainers gracing the winery’s natural amphitheater and a championship golf course.

“We’ve known through the years that great wine comes from more than the land and the grapes, it comes from people and the passion-filled moments that help fuel its development,” Amy Hoopes, president of Wente Family Estates, said. “It’s the same for every other activity in life – when the soil of your soul is enriched, you will reap the benefits in creativity, productivity and deeper, more meaningful relationships. These are among many reasons why we’re proud and excited to introduce new programs to encourage our own employees to make time.”

Make Time™ also strengthens Wente Vineyards’ long-standing pledge of creating a culture of balance for its employees, leading by example to inspire all to follow suit.

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