5 Ways You Can #MakeTime to say NO!

Say “no”, so you can #MakeTime for yes! The brilliant yes that can lead to more moments with family and friends, a mini weekend vacation to energize your soul, or that hobby that brings your heart joy. Follow where your heart leads.

A few things to consider:

1. What would happen if you said yes

Your time is precious and limited. Would saying yes cause undue hardship, make it difficult to meet a commitment you’ve already made, or take needed time away from family and friends? Take a moment to think through the level of commitment and time you would need to invest.

2. Share a resource

When someone asks for your help or involvement, consider the possibility of connecting them to a resource that has helped you in the past. Perhaps a referral to a service or vendor that could assist them thoroughly. Be transparent that you are not able to commit at this time. However, you wish them well and hope that the resources you are providing will be helpful.

3. Set boundaries

Decide in advance what you are willing to do. Are there days you need to protect to ensure you get a chance to work-out or meal prep? Are there days that can be left unscheduled for spur-of-the-moment activities or projects? When you make an honest assessment of what you can and cannot do ahead of time, this knowledge is invaluable for giving you the courage to say no when needed.

4. Are you intrigued

Does the thought of seeing this person, working on that new project or going to that event ignite a spark of curiosity or interest? Follow that spark as it could lead to new opportunities for growth and joy.

5. Take a chance

Would you be saying no to something simply because you are scared? Don’t allow fear to be the deciding factor. Assess whether the fear is based on leaving your comfort zone. Show fear who is boss and say yes to a challenge but not at the expense of your current commitments or your own sanity.

Be brave! Practice saying “no” to things that are not leading you to your best self. Then say “yes” and #MakeTime for what really and truly matters to you.

 “Savor the wine on your lips, the friend at your side and the moment you’re in”

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