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By doing so, you’re signing up to be less distracted, more present and committed to making time for what truly matters.

We’re here to help! Over the next 21 days, we’ll give you one idea per day of how to #MakeTime to connect with those around you. Whether it’s taking a walk with a coworker, lunching with Mom, or board games with the family, we’ve got you covered.

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#MakeTime, Be Passionate, Connect

Seize the moments that matter most and inspire others in the process!

People are at their best, happiest and most satisfied when they build and maintain good relationships, but often a life filled with heavy amounts of screen time can get in the way. On a daily average, an individual watches nearly three hours of TV, spends two hours on social media and checks email nearly 300 times.

Time is precious and must be lived with purpose. To make the most of it, sometimes it means choosing to say no to distractions and yes to prioritizing each other.

Digital devices are now threaded into the fabric of our lives, and that’s ok, but sometimes we need to be reminded of what connects us all as people, and that’s real life human interactions. Life can look, sound and be a lot richer in person.

We can help with tips to give you more time in the day and ideas to support your passions and make meaningful connections. Join the movement, pledge to #MakeTime for your passions about and focus on what matters most – each other.

#MakeTime Makes a Difference

We took the Pledge and it changed our lives!

Kasey Radke
#Maketime for family

“We were texting and messaging everyday, but I still felt like I wasn’t really connecting with my sister the way we used to. We used to talk, like really talk, and that just wasn’t happening. It sounds crazy, but I needed to make an effort to stop typing and just call her instead. I pledged to #MakeTime and I am so glad I did!”

Troy & Kori Greyth
#Maketime for Each Other

“This may be a common story but it’s something we needed to talk about. My wife and I had pretty much stopped doing a lot of what we love. We both work long hours. We’d watch some TV, play around on our phones, and go to bed. We needed a change and the Pledge to #MakeTime made a difference. A day was as simple as writing a note of gratitude and it led to us really connecting again.”

Richard Wen
#Maketime for adventure

“For me it wasn’t really technology that was getting in the way. Life sometimes becomes a routine and unless you break the routine, you don’t experience all that there is. The Pledge gave me useful ideas each day to get out of my routine in small ways. It built up my confidence and led to more ideas. My wife joined me and it has been a lot of fun for both of us!”

The Make Time Video

In 2018, to launch the #MakeTime Movement, we interviewed people with diverse backgrounds about how they spend their time.

Bingeing. Clicking. Scrolling. Liking. Posting. The interviews transform into the heart of this effort as they illustrate the ah-ha moment of needing to be more mindful to make time for the people who matter most and underscore that digital and social media interactions do not replace meaningful experiences formed through real-life relationships.

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